Auto Detailing


Deluxe Wash

Hand wash. Vacuum interior. Clean glass. Tire Shine. Wipe down all surfaces.


V.I.P. Wash

Hand wash. Vacuum interior. Clean glass. Door jambs. Wipe down all surfaces. Tire Shine. Exterior express wax.


Executive Package

Hand wash. Vacuum interior and shampoo carpets and upholstery with extractor. Clean dashboard, door jambs, vents, and glass. Clean wheels and arches. Machine polish, glaze, and wax. Engine Bay Cleaning and Degreasing.


Complete Exterior Detail

Hand Wash. Clay Bar. Buff, compound, polish, and wax. Wheels & arches cleaned. Dressing applied to all exterior rubber & vinyl trim. Safely remove oxidation, tree sap, road tar, paint overspray, and surface scratches creating a smooth-as-glass finish. Fragrance and Deodorizer. Engine Bay Cleaning and Degreasing


Complete Interior Detail

Vacuum interior (including trunk). Complete shampoo of interior carpets, seats, floor mats and doors. Complete interior cleaning and dressing of dash, console, vents, doors, trims and glass. Leather surfaces cleaned and conditioned. Fragrance and Deodorizer.


Shampoo Carpets – $49.99
Shampoo Upholstery – $49.99
Shampoo Carpets & Upholstery – $69.99
Engine Bay Degreasing – $39.99
Headlight Polishing – $39.99
Armor All – $3.99

* – Prices may vary depending on size of the vehicle.